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Browse the web together, in real-time

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🎉 tbx is now available for these browsers:

tbx is a browser extension that lets you start shared browsing sessions.

It’s made for remote times, when you need everyone on the same page. Literally.

It's like Google Docs, but anywhere on the internet. Awesome. Quote
Miguel - early beta user

what is it 



🔍 Web design review

✏ Remote studying

📰 Remote research

📄 Filling out forms

🔍 Helping users navigate

💻 Interactive presentations

...and much more!



How is it different from screen sharing?


Can I start a session with anyone?


Why can't I use it on private pages?


What is the 🎯 Dropzone?


X feature is missing!


Which browsers are supported?


I’m concerned about my privacy, will my browsing activity be tracked?


Could others see my personal information on their browsers?


Is it free?


Why are you building this?


Who's behind this?


Where do I give feedback?


What does tbx stand for?